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7 Wrong Myths About WordPress themes for Ecommerce

December 7, 2018
7 Wrong Myths About WordPress themes for Ecommerce

We all know that WordPress is the most popular website builder in the world. But there are a lot of misinformation about WordPress themes for ecommerce in online world Some of these common WordPress myths and misconceptions end up confusing the users and leading them to get the wrong idea. In this article, we will discuss the top WordPress myths with detailed explanations, so that you can choose the best website platform according to your needs (whether to choose WordPress or not).

1. WordPress can only be used for blogging


Wordpress themes for ecommerce

One of the top persistent WordPress myths is mistaking WordPress as just a blogging software.

It is not true.

WordPress is a powerful website builder which can be used to build almost any kind of website. It is used in more than 31% of all websites on the internet, and a major number of these websites are not just blogs.

WordPress is used for corporate sites, building an eCommerce site, online magazines, and whatnot. It is used by governments, universities, and many top companies.

The popular WordPress eCommerce plugin, WooCommerce, is actually the biggest eCommerce platform in the world (larger than Shopify, Magento, and others).

If this is not enough, then here take this list. Different kinds of websites can be built by wordpress.


2. Security is just not a wordpress thing


Wordpress themes for ecommerce

Another common myth that we hear often is that WordPress is less secure than some other similar softwares.

WordPress is very much secure, and this is why it’s popular. WordPress is an open source software so it can be said that the source code is available online for anyone to read and find security loopholes.

WordPress is very flexible, and its security can be more strengthened by taking some extra steps.

Malware  are very common on the web and isn’t just limited to WordPress only. This is why there are specialized security services which provide monitoring service and website firewall to protect against web threats.


3. WordPress and  eCommerce are not compatible


Wordpress themes for ecommerce

Another irrelevant WordPress myth is that it does not support eCommerce. By default, WordPress does not have a shopping cart feature.

However, there are many WordPress plugins that add eCommerce functionality to WordPress. The most popular is WooCommerce, which powers more than 42% eCommerce websites in the whole world.

Whether it’s  physical goods or digital downloads, you will be able to sell that quite easily with one of the WordPress eCommerce plugins.


4. No Future for WordPress


Wordpress themes for ecommerce

WordPress is a free and open source software. Many people who don’t know how open source software work, believe in the myth that the future of WordPress is over, and it could just suddenly disappear.

WordPress is not developed single handedly, but a community of compassionate and very professional developers. It is owned by wordpress foundation, a protected trademark, which protects the WordPress brand name and promotes the open source software.

There are thousands of large WordPress companies selling products and services based on WordPress. Many of those companies are actively participate in the WordPress community.

In short, WordPress is going nowhere and it’s future is bright as a light.


5. Free = Low Quality


Wordpress themes for ecommerce

Another common WordPress myth is, since WordPress is free, then it has to be low quality. People always ask us why would developers do their best work for a free software?

Then again WordPress is not developed by just one person or a small team. It is being developed by thousands of developers and is being used by millions of websites. The code is open for anyone to read and examine for quality.

It follows and goes through the very best programming practices. The code behind WordPress is rock solid, developer friendly, open, and free.WordPress is used by some of the largest brands including CNN, Microsoft, Adobe, The New York Times, and much more.


6. Every WordPress Sites Look Similar


Wordpress themes for ecommerce

A very common WordPress myth among beginners is that all WordPress sites look alike. WordPress has themes which controls the visual appearance of all WordPress powered website, and there are countless WordPress themes available. Many of these are free, but you have the large collection of premium WordPress themes as well in various markets.

There are premium WordPress theme shops like Themeforest, Themify, and many others who sell beautifully designed WordPress themes for all kind of websites. These themes come with their own customization options, so the webmaster can change colors, layout, add his own logo and do anything he wants with his theme.


7. WordPress is for Beginners


Wordpress themes for ecommerce

Another common myth that we hear from users who don’t know much about WordPress is that it is more suitable for beginner level users who don’t have knowledge of CSS, HTML, or programming.This is not true. While WordPress is extremely easy to use for anyone, it is also used by large businesses, and developers. WordPress is both popular among beginners and advanced level users.For beginners, the good part is that they can create their websites without learning any programming or web design skills.


I hope that this article helped you understand about the myths of WordPress and better understand the true power of WordPress.

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